Wednesday, June 15, 2011


For my first SeamlessWeb order at work after our vacation, it shouldn't be a surprise that I went right back to Antalia for some mercimek kofte. (Seriously, I love that stuff.) After selecting the mercimek kofte and a shepherds salad, I pondered what else to order.

I decided to try something new - sigara borek, described on the menu as "phyllo scrolls stuffed with feta cheese, pan-fried till golden brown." I've had cheese cigar pastries before and despite not being all that healthy (phyllo, fried, cheese...), they're usually quite tasty.

These were really good. A little bit salty, but I think that is from the cheese. What I loved about the appetizer was the texture. The outside was perfectly crispy and not overly fried or greasy. Once you passed the crispy exterior, the cheese was soft and creamy and full of flavor. I would get this again, but maybe only when A and I go there together so that I only eat two cigars (instead of four) and have more room for other good stuff!

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