Monday, June 20, 2011

El Rey Sampler Platter

I've previously written about my love for the authentic Mexican food at the El Rey del Sabor cart. Today, after passing the ridiculous line at Taim, I ventured over to El Rey and decided to make myself a sampler platter.

I don't think they have anything there that I don't like, but you can't really make a sampler platter out of tortas or huaraches (unless you don't plan to eat for days), so I ordered an assortment of my favorite snack-type items.

My combo plate consisted of one chicken tamale, one chicken pastelillo and one chicken taco. It was delicious (although just a bit oily - it soaked through the paper bag and all the napkins, thanks to the pastelillo, but I can't resist) and only cost $5.50 (taco was $2.50 and the others were $1.50 each). My favorite item of the 3 is still the taco, which they top with onions, cilantro and their awesome salsa verde, but I love having the opportunity to mix and match among the different menu items. If you haven't ever tried their tacos, you really should get there ASAP. So good.

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