Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Six Fifty Seven

I had two chicken tacos today at lunch.  They were filled with delicious well-flavored chicken, onions, cilantro and salsa verde.  (The tacos, from El Rey, pictured above.)
I ordered a chicken taco appetizer yesterday at dinner.
I got the three taco platter from Big D's on Monday for lunch.
I almost ordered the blackened snapper soft tacos at Pier 9 for Sunday brunch, but made a last minute decision to go with my other contender, the Chicago style lobster hot dog.
I thought about getting the bulgogi tacos at lunch at Bon Chon Chicken on Saturday, but decided against it since the taco was like a loose burrito the last time A ordered them.
Taco. Obsessed.
[The subject line refers to the fact that 2 of the chicken tacos and 1 chicken pastelillo cost me $6.50 at lunch today ($7 with tip).  Contrast that to my $4 taco yesterday.]

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