Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big D's Grub Truck

I was on my way to Freshii for a healthy salad today when I stopped at the crosswalk at 40th and 6th and saw this in front of me.

A truck I had never tried before! Well, that got my attention. The name sounded vaguely familiar from blogs but I couldn't remember who they were since I hadn't tried it before and didn't know they were even in midtown. The name - Big D's Grub Truck - didn't give many clues as to what they offered but I was intrigued.

I passed by the truck and saw "tacos" and "bulgogi" and my pace slowed. I think I actually slowly walked past the truck and then walked back to take another look once I had begun processing. Have I mentioned that I love tacos? Stopping to take a look was a no-brainer... especially since I had gone out wearing only my fleece thinking it would be warm and was starting to feel the chill.

The menu at the truck is centered around 2 things - tacos and grinders (their version of the banh mi). They also have sides of fries and dumplings.

They told me about a special they were having at the truck today - buy a chicken grinder and get curry puffs for free. Nice promo; that sealed the deal. I love trying something new, and today there was a bonus! There were 2 chicken grinders on the menu and I decided on the spicy chicken. It's advertised as the favorite!

The first box I opened contained the curry puffs. I was expecting curry puffs like the ones at Thai restaurants and these reminded me of the samosas I used to buy at Costco for New Years Eve (that's not a bad thing). They were filled with chicken and potato, and were little bites of delicious flavor. The curry wasn't that strong, but it was still pretty good.

Then I moved on to the grinder.

My first thought was, that's a lot of bread! (I had planned to go for a salad to avoid bread.... oops.) My second thought was that this reminded me of a torta.

The spicy chicken is basically chicken soaked in sriracha mayo. I love sriracha mayo and this was nice and spicy. (If you were thinking spicy chicken - like the Korean red sauce type of spicy chicken - it's not that. If you don't like sriracha mayo, maybe try a different one.) It comes topped with lots of daikon radish, carrots, a slice or 2 of cucumber and cilantro. Like a banh mi.

It was filling and satisfying. I would definitely go back to the truck. Maybe next time I'll try the tacos. It looks like they're trying out midtown on Mondays, so there's another truck to add to the list!

Doesn't this look delicious?

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