Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patatoes and Coconut

In Honokowai in West Maui, there is a farmers market which puts out free samples a few times per week. We stayed down the block from it on our first trip to Maui yet somehow never made it there. That was something we were definitely going to fix on our next visit. Once we went sampling, we had no idea how we missed going the first time when we could have walked there!

The market has fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dips, salads, jams and the like. They also have an indoor farmers market store which is open all the time, but during the sampling, they set everything up outside in the parking lot and draw a crowd.

A loves fresh coconut juice

We tried a lot of salads and dips. There was macadamia nut pesto, onion jams, olive garlic spread, papaya seed dressing, coconut tapioca, fresh guacamole made that day, sundried tomato spread, tahini hummus, red bell pepper hummus, Chinese sesame seed dressing, mock chicken salad, bean dip, Maui onion dressing, various salsas including pineapple salsa and Maui style "patato" salad. We may have tried them all. How else do you know which one you want to buy?

We tried to keep our purchases simple since we didn't have a lot of space in the hotel and were exploring Maui's restaurants for most of our meals (part of our wedding research). We ended up getting pineapple and patato salad, in addition to the coconut which we drank from and then had them split open.

We headed across the street for a picnic. Isn't the view incredible? So relaxing. It was so nice to just sit in the sun staring out at the open water with no worries (other than figuring out the wedding...)

The pineapples were probably the best pineapples we have ever eaten. They were so sweet and juicy. So good. And the potato salad (sorry, patato salad) was really good. I happen to love potato salad, and this was one of the better ones.

We ended up at the farmers market twice during our trip and then brought a whole contingent of people with us during the wedding weekend. We love the farmers market!

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