Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Five Thousand Steps

I walked almost five thousand steps today at lunch.  The plan was to quickly pick up lunch.  That... didn't quite happen.
Although this is a food blog, it's not just about the actual consumed food, but the experience.  And at lunch, part of that experience is going out and finding something to eat for lunch.  Today, that wasn't so efficient.
First, I headed up to 51st Street where Taim Mobile and the Kimchi Taco Truck were supposed to be.  I found Taim Mobile with the crazy line in the photo (probably because of the harissa falafel) and couldn't wait in line.  But the Kimchi Taco Truck was nowhere to be found.
So I headed to the next block where they had been before, while checking Twitter (which took some time, thank you slow AT&T).  Through Twitter, I found out that first the Kimchi Taco Truck had to move, and then got kicked out.  That sucks.
My next choice was the new Delish/Ryoshi combo that opened but that was all the way back on 44th on the east side.  I went anyway.
Delish was crowded but your generic midtown deli.  I headed up to the mezzanine to Ryoshi hoping to find something like Zaiya or Sunrise, but all I saw was a sitdown sushi bar.  That's the Japanese specialties section?  No thanks.
Last stop - the reliable El Rey del Sabor.  I love them.  They are two blocks (ONLY two blocks!) from the office.  If I had just gone there from the start, I would have had such a short lunch break (it's a busy day).  But I guess it's good that I got some exercise in since I got a pastelillo.

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