Monday, March 14, 2011

Jimmy Max

It's Pi Day and that means only one thing - everyone should eat pizza! We have a pizza delivery on the way but I was looking through last year's photos and I noticed that we (unintentionally, I think) got pizza last year on Pi Day too.

We were in Staten Island visiting my parents and decided to try someplace new (for us) called Jimmy Max. This Italian and pizza joint is in a strip mall in Great Kills with a grocery store, a donut place, a diner and some other places (including a Japanese place we liked which got forced out by their landlord). My parents had heard good things from people at the gym that the place was pretty good so we headed over for lunch.

We got the namesake Jimmy Max Special pizza, which consisted of mozzarella, tomato and basil.

It was a thin pizza, which I liked. I don't remember much about the crust, but I think it was good. It also had pretty good flavor.

We also got an appetizer of Mary's bruschetta garlic bread:

This was really good and we would definitely get this again. We love garlic bread and we love bruschetta, so putting them together was a great idea!

We haven't been back to Jimmy Max since then but I'm actually not sure we've gone for pizza in Staten Island again since then. I could go for some bruschetta garlic bread right now...

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