Thursday, March 24, 2011

Air France Free Lunch

Earlier this week, I heard that Air France was planning a promo to give away free food. I went for the Austrian Airlines promotion; why would I skip Air France? Unfortunately, I got my dates mixed up and thought it was yesterday, so I trekked down to the site yesterday to find that I didn't know the 23rd from the 24th. Oops. I went back again today for lunch since they were stationed just off Times Square.

There were about 15 people ahead of me in line and it was cold, but since it was all the same dish and no payments were being made, the line moved relatively quickly. I could watch them plating from the line and while waiting, they gave out entry forms for a contest to win a free trip for 2 to Paris. Of course I entered that!

When it was my turn, I was presented with a nice plate of food:

They gave out menu cards so it wasn't a surprise what they were giving out. I was sad I missed breakfast because there was a buckwheat crepe with chicken, ham and mushrooms. That sounded so good! But for lunch, the truck was offering cucumber and smoked salmon brochettes and a grilled beef filet with wine truffle sauce and potatoes au gratin. They also gave out petit fours with lunch.

I don't really eat a lot of beef, and not usually when it's prepared this way, so it wasn't a surprise to me that I found the texture to be a little tough and chewy. I ate the smaller piece of beef but when it came to the larger one, ended up just going for the sauce. The sauce had a really nice flavor, but I'm just not a red meat fan. So you should take my opinion on the beef with that caveat. It's like the guy who went on Iron Chef America when Morimoto was cooking and said he didn't eat raw fish.

The potatoes were very rich and creamy, just like potatoes au gratin should be. The smoked salmon tasted fresh and wasn't dry at all. It was like a piece of sashimi. Combined with the cucumber, it was nice and light. I'm not sure what kind of petit four was on the plate. It was ok. My favorite thing was probably the salmon.

The truck will be by Rockefeller Center tomorrow, although I'm not sure I can make it over there with my schedule. Then it makes its way south through Manhattan over the following 3 days. I really want to try the breakfast! Or the 4:30 "dinner" of smoked salmon and shrimp rondelle and French shepherd's pie. Sounds yummy.

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