Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Schnitzel and Sushi

Free schnitzel?

This week Austrian Airlines has rented out the Schnitzel & Things truck and they're giving out free schnitzel!

I saw it on Twitter this morning but since I didn't leave for lunch until close to 2 pm, I figured they'd be out. My plan was to go early tomorrow for a snack instead. After all my near misses with the Malaysian free samples, what were the chances that there would still be schnitzel at 2 pm? I didn't see anything on Twitter about them being out of samples and took my chances. And... the truck was still there giving out food when I got there. Today's special was veal schnitzel. I'm not usually a veal eater, but when it's free, why not try it?

Unlike the Malaysian samples which were more eco-friendly (small uncovered plates), these samples all came in heavy duty plastic take-out containers, accompanied by the square airline napkins:

Inside the box was a good amount of food for free - a piece of veal schnitzel, a scoop of Austrian potato salad and a little cup of sriracha mayo.

View from the other side with the tasty open mayo:

It was yummy. I've been to the truck before but I usually get chicken schnitzel or side salads. First time trying the veal. It was really good!

Since it was only a sample, I also stopped by Mai Sushi to pick up a sushi roll:

I ended up getting a brown rice roll with salmon and avocado after deliberating for a long time. It was OK. Mai is usually my go-to place to get sushi but after having the sushi at Dainobu on Friday, I just liked that roll so much better! I don't know if it's because today's had more rice (Dainobu had rolls like that too but I chose a different one), because it was a different fish, because it was brown rice or what. But it was just OK.

About 2/3 of the way through the roll, I had the bright idea to make my own spicy salmon-avocado roll by adding the sriracha mayo (sadly no pictures). It helped. But considering I was adding quite a bit of the mayo plus heaping amounts of wasabi (which is not typical for me), either I can't taste anything anymore (less likely) or the wasabi in the sushi package was really dull (more likely).

So there's my Austrian-Japanese lunch. You wouldn't think schnitzel and sushi would go together but that sriracha mayo really came in handy!

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