Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Manneken Pis

Yes, Manneken Pis. No, not the little peeing statue in Brussels, this is the fry stand in Amsterdam. Do you notice a theme? Yeah, we went all out on the fry stands.

As mentioned, we did a lot of food research prior to arriving in Europe. There were two fry shops that were mentioned by everyone. First and foremost is Vleminckx Sausmeesters, and the second is Manneken Pis. Most people talk about the Brussels branch, but this place almost always seemed to have a line. It could be that it was located on a main street close to the Central Train Station and situated near tons of canal boat tours, but it could actually have been really good.

Even though we had just eaten dinner, a little snack couldn't hurt right? Sigh, we're so fat.

Me buying our little treats (l) A little fry stand at which to eat (r)

Overall we were not too impressed. Don't get me wrong, we love fries, and we love fries with Dutch/Belgian mayonnaise, but these still fell short of our first fry experience. Maybe we were too full from our dinner that night. Who knows. The fries were still crispy, and the mayonnaise was still tasty, but overall, it just wasn't all that.

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