Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Time

The holidays are coming. Speeding along like a bullet train. (Sorry, trains on the brain, addicted to Train Conductor on iPhone.)

But, seriously, it's holiday time. The tree is up, the skating rinks are open, all the stores have Christmas displays up, and somehow Thanksgiving is next week. Where did all the time go?!

It occurred to me today that Pret might have one of my favorite sandwiches back on the shelf since it was so close to the holidays. A quick check of the online menu confirmed it. I was short on time today at work and was taking lunch too late to take too much of a walk. And I realized after I left the office that it was kind of cold, and I wasn't going to make it very far without shivering. So I went to Pret.

And got a very expensive lunch. I don't like spending more than $10! But if you want soup and a holiday sandwich (no slims)... no choice.

I got the small split pea soup, which was perfect for this weather, and of course, the holiday sandwich:

The sandwich comes with Murray's roasted turkey, stuffing with pork sausage, cranberry orange & walnut relish, crispy onions, mayo, spinach and "Pret's seasoning" (whatever that is). I love Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving ("holiday") related sandwiches. So it's no surprise that I like this.

They have this sandwich at the UK Prets also except they call it the "Christmas lunch" sandwich instead of the "holiday" one. (I always associate this with Thanksgiving, not Christmas, but I suppose Christmas works too.) I think it's slightly different since it seems to have sage & onion stuffing instead and also cranberry & port sauce.

I used to go to Pret a lot before I started trying to take longer walks for a break and some midday exercise. (It was the next step away from the Europa syndrome that maybe I'll write about sometime.) I liked their philosophy of fresh food, and that they gave the food left at the end of the day away to people who needed it. But at some point I got bored (and it was an expensive habit) and I started walking all over midtown. I do come back every so often (especially when it's cold) to find that the entire menu has changed. Refreshing though, to see new options, like the hummus pot topped with cilantro.

Now that I've had this sandwich, it's like the holidays are almost here (although, really, I'm not rushing it). But I can't wait for Thanksgiving stuffing!

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  1. Is that soup container supposed to look like it has a face with a flat-line mouth?