Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boring and Mediocre

Remember those boring and sometimes mediocre catered lunches I've mentioned before? Today was one of them. I think the food came from Global Kitchen (which I have been to for a regular lunch and it was OK) and it was quite mediocre today. The photo makes it look so much better than it tasted.

Green salad was fine but boring. The panini sounds from the description like it should be good but it just wasn't. It didn't have much flavor at all and in some places was very dry. The tomato and mozzarella salad was probably the best part of this plate but how do you mess that up?

Not pictured but the cookies were mediocre too. So disappointing to eat such a "meh" lunch. And I wasn't the only one to think that about today's lunch! Flavorless food sucks. I should have gotten an entire plate of tomato and mozzarella (but that wouldn't be fair to anyone else!).

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