Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shiraz Poached Pear

When the November Shake Shack custard calendar came out, we were super excited about Saturday - Shack Shiraz Poached Pear. It sounded so good. It was the one M was most excited for and A picked it as one of his 3 must-tries.

We ventured over to Shake Shack tonight for the custard. We both agree that there wasn't really much Shiraz flavor and it was more pear. But M thought the flavor was really, really mild and she didn't taste much pear. This was disappointing but maybe her expectations were too high (since she loves pear and was really looking forward to this custard). A thought that it wasn't mixed that well because the pear flavor was stronger in some parts than others. He liked the pear part but the rest tasted like mildly pear vanilla.

Shack Shiraz Poached Pear
A's rating: 6/10
M's rating: 4/10

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