Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pork and Peppers

This weekend, the Shake Shack on the Upper West Side had a special on the menu. While we had passed by the UWS Shake Shack many times, we had never actually gone in because it was always crowded. But since the special was only at the UWS Shack, we walked the 30+ blocks (better to walk when you're going to have Shake Shack!) and ventured in.

We heard the seating was better here since they had seating upstairs and another room downstairs. But it felt like less seating than the one in the Theater District and the room downstairs was occupied by many people done eating and just watching football. Thanks for squatting, guys.

If you're a frequent Shake Shack visitor, notice anything different?

That's not their regular hot dog topped with sauerkraut. It's their special - "pork and peppers."

Pork and peppers consists of a Usinger's griddled garlic pork sausage topped with a Shack-made spicy bacon-cherry pepper relish and shaved cheddar from NYCheese. (This is the description from facebook, the one on the wall had less description.)

It was so good. It's difficult to decide which was better - this garlic sausage special or the garlic sausage special from Shacktoberfest. The relish on this one made it seem slightly more nutritious than the cheese sauce to M and the cheddar was a nice addition. The bacon was a nice touch but not overpowering. Neither of us thought it was overly spicy but it did have good flavor.

Wish we could get this again!

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