Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've previously written about El Rey del Sabor, the awesome (and authentic) Mexican cart near my office, and their delicious tacos. Today, by the time I got lunch (2:30), I was super hungry and didn't think tacos would be enough.

So, what did I get?

Their awesome enchiladas.

(Yes, I use awesome a lot when I describe the food from El Rey del Sabor, but it really is good.)

It comes with three enchiladas (I got chicken) topped with your choice of sauce (I love the green sauce but have gotten mole before too), a white sauce (sour cream?) and lots of cheese. On the side there's rice and beans topped with red onions. Delicious. And very filling. And only $8.

I'm so glad El Rey is in my area. Sometimes I just want some good Mexican food (and Chipotle is more "burrito stuff" than real Mexican) for lunch and they're perfect for the craving.

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