Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cocktails and Ceviche

Yesterday we had a cocktail party for our department at work at Metrazur ( in Grand Central Terminal.  Since it was a work event, I don't have any pictures so hopefully your imagination will do it justice.
Metrazur is located in the main concourse of GCT so the view is stunning (if you like grand station settings, which I do).  It's on the balcony on the east end of the concourse and it gives you a great view of the entire concourse.  Being there for a party/dinner and not running to catch a train just made the entire setting feel very much like the set of a movie or show built to look like a train station.  A little hard to explain, but it seemed almost constructed.  From that height, you don't see all the little flaws in the terminal.  And it's like dining al fresco without being outside in the cold weather (admittedly, yesterday wasn't as bad as it has been lately).  I think it would also be a nice place for something like a wedding dinner.  Very NYC.
There were some passed hors d'oeuvres but I only got one pig in a blanket (yay) so I'm not sure what else they had.  There was a small dinner buffet set up in the corner which most people didn't notice and by the time the night was over, I was wishing there were takeout boxes so I could take it with me instead of having it go to waste.  (At least I hope someone there took it home or ate it or something.)
The buffet line started out with a bay scallop ceviche that was light, well-flavored and not the least bit chewy.  I love ceviche and this was no exception.  The bowl of ceviche was gigantic and I think our party only made a small dent.
Next to the ceviche was a bowl of chips with an accompanying corn salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole and something else that I ignored.  The corn salsa and pico de gallo were excellent and the guacamole was good.  Covered in bacon which I didn't take much of, but good. Maybe I haven't previously discussed my addiction to salsa and pico de gallo (it goes hand in hand with the tacos) but if not, I will.
There was also a truffle and (something) risotto, and a penne bolognese with peas and (I think) a parmesan cream sauce.  Also very good.
If the goal of the cocktail party was to make me seriously consider going to Metrazur for a real meal (which it wasn't, and which I hadn't considered before since I mostly just pass through GCT), it succeeded.  It was also good as a cocktail party itself, but I was very impressed by the spread of food.
I wish I had pictures!  Especially of the ceviche and salsa bar!

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