Friday, March 11, 2011


Today it rained. For hours. I didn't mind going out for lunch in the rain because it was a nice break, but not seeing the sun is really taking its toll.

I was craving Shake Shack fries for hours before I left the office. I decided to stop by on the way home because we hadn't yet picked up mint chocolate chip custard this month and hoped the line would be short enough for fries. There were about 20 people waiting for food but only 2 on line, so I decided to go for the fries. I wanted them so much. They satisfied my craving.

While I was waiting for my fries, I saw this:

What happened to Saturday? Did someone steal Saturday?! Poor chocolate peanut butter pretzel just hanging out on the wall with no day circle. It looks so sad. But seriously, what happened to Saturday's sign?!

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