Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Salads

A wrote a great post on Dafni and the salad he got for dinner. Guess what I got for dinner?

Yes, the same salad.

A and I had been looking at this on the menu yesterday and tonight he told me how delicious it was. I couldn't help it - it was healthier than the drunken noodle I was thinking of getting and it sounded so good.

It was really good. I like their Greek salad a little better for the crumbled feta (as opposed to feta blocks) and because there are fewer olives (I really need to acquire a taste for olives). But the eggplant spread here was delicious, and who can go wrong with more dolmades? So, it's a toss-up.

I ordered an appetizer of beets too, but this salad was so filling that I didn't eat more than one beet (with garlic spread, of course!) and that was just because I wanted to see how good it was (very good).

So, like A said, go to Dafni. Really good (and affordable) salads! So good that I had salad twice today.

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