Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Apricot Nectar

I love ordering from Akdeniz, the Turkish place near my office. The food is great, they're close to the office and they're super quick with delivery. Tonight I decided to try something new - a drink they called "apricot juice" but turned out to be a Turkish brand of apricot nectar.

I really liked this. It was sweet without being too sweet, and the texture was nice and thick, but also smooth. I also liked that it came in a can. I know that sounds weird, but sometimes when you order juice for delivery, you get a coffee cup filled with cranberry juice. For $2.50, I would get this again when I order delivery.

And of course, considering my love of grocery stores when traveling, I loved the can. Maybe one day we'll get to go to Turkey and see more of this brand of nectar in the grocery store!

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