Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Four Dollar Taco

I have mentioned before that I have a taco addiction. Tonight I ordered dinner from Film Center Cafe for the first time and saw as an appetizer "taco." They described it as a hard shelled taco with meat, lettuce and sour cream. For $3.95, I wasn't sure if they meant one taco but apparently they did:

One taco and lots of lettuce. I will say that I was impressed that the hard shell of the taco was not soggy and did not crack while I was eating it despite the delivery time. (Although -- is that good? What is it made of if it doesn't get soggy? Hmm.) But the chicken mixture inside was just OK.

I guess maybe the taco costs $4 because it comes with guacamole?

I liked the guacamole; it had a lot of good flavor. That guacamole looks large but it's really in a small plastic container the size of a soy sauce dipping container. So, it's not very big. It's smaller than the Chipotle guacamole side. But guacamole is never cheap so maybe that's why one taco cost four dollars?

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