Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dafni Greek Taverna

It's been a while since I posted (as usual), but I'll try to do better about this. M just seems so much more disciplined than I when it comes to relating the meals of her and our lives.

Such as it is, I come today to write on my dinner tonight. M is stuck in the office so she ended up ordering her dinner there. I, because we have no food in the house, also ordered dinner. Tonight's takeout, Dafni Greek Taverna.

M and I have eaten at Dafni a few times before, but we always forget about it since it's on the not as nice side of 42nd St, across from Port Authority. We really should go more often since they have excellent salads, and the food is very healthy if you center around those salads. Granted, being the gluttons that we are, we tend not to center around their large salads, we merely supplement our massive, shared dinner with a giant salad on the side to "make things healthier".

This brings me back to my dinner tonight. In an effort to lose weight, M and I have begun attempting to eat healthier. Granted, we destroy any and all hope of this by continuing our monthly plan to try every daily custard flavor offering from Shake Shack, but we at least put up a good fight some of the time.

Mesanatolitiki (Mideastern) Salad
Dolmades, eggplant spread, cucumbers, feta, red onions, tomato, olives

The picture doesn't really do this much justice. Overall, this salad was massive. Component-wise, it's really just a Greek Salad with a giant glob of babaganoush next to it and about 6 dolmades on top of it. Still, the babaganoush was very flavorful. You could really taste the roasting on the eggplant. The dolmades were uneven in how filled they were, but they were all very tasty.

Pita bread

What Greek meal would be complete without some warm, sliced pita? M and I really love the pita served at Dafni because it's always warm, and it feels and taste like it's fresh baked. We've been places in NYC that served pre-made pita that was sliced and warmed while wrapped in plastic wrap. Honestly, that's pretty sad for a Greek restaurant to do that. However, I digress. Dafni certainly does not do this. Warm, soft, and perfect for scooping up tons of the aforementioned babaganoush.

Now, I'm not too sure if you're supposed to mix all of the components together and eat, but I found it very enjoyable to eat the babaganoush with the pita, eat the dolmades, and then wrap it all up by eating the actual salad-y portion of the salad. I sprinkled in some olives here and there, and soon enough I was stuffed full of tasty salad (and accompaniments).

Greek Yogurt with Walnuts and Honey

I'm sorry, did I say I was stuffed full? No, I must have been mistaken because I still had this wonderful tin of Greek yogurt waiting for me. Two things many people know about me: 1) I like Greek yogurt 2) I love honey.

So, if this tin seems slightly more honey-laden than most you may have seen, that's because I added more of my own honey on top. After polishing off this tasty dessert, now I can say I was quite stuffed.

Overall, Dafni Greek Taverna is a definite gem hidden amongst the dark section of 42nd St across from Port Authority. A block removed from the glitz and glamor of the main 42nd St drag, and, consequently, just outside of the Times Square buzz, Dafni offers great Greek food and a rich warm atmosphere.

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