Wednesday, April 27, 2011

King Koti in Chennai

Today A and I met up quickly to buy lunch before returning to our respective offices. We've both been really busy (can you tell from the lack of posting?) so we didn't take a full lunch hour, but it was still nice to hang out for 5 minutes or so (even though the weather was much cooler and breezier than I was expecting).

I haven't been to the Biryani Cart in quite some time, mostly because the line at lunch is so long and I hate waiting on line for lunch. I would rather spend the time walking to someplace further away. Also, the Biryani Cart is steps from my office, which would be convenient for a lot of people, but I try to get some exercise in during lunch. Lastly, I like the biryani at Trini Paki Boys better than the Biryani Cart (and their line is shorter!).

There was no line today (late lunch) so I decided to go for the Kati rolls (2 rolls for $6). They have a bunch of options, but I went with the Chennai roll (chicken in sweet chili sauce) and the King Koti roll (chicken tikka). The Chennai is in the front in the photo, and the more tightly wrapped one in the back is the King Koti.

At first, I liked the King Koti better than the Chennai. The flavors were good, although in some ways it tasted like a regular chicken pita wrap that you can get at most of the street meat carts (although with chapati instead of a pita, which I love). The chicken in the Chennai just didn't taste as good. However, when I got to the middle of the Chennai, where the sweet chili sauce was concentrated, I started to see why so many people like that roll. The sweet chili sauce is different from what you can get at the other street meat carts and quite good. (It did, however, remind me of Sansei and I instantly missed Maui.) In the end, I decided that I liked them both in different ways. Mostly, I just wanted to snack on more chapati, even though I was full. Maybe next time I'll take the risk and try the spicy buradi (with "very spicy mint habanero sauce")!

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