Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everyone Loves Pancakes in Amsterdam

I already mentioned how much we loved Pancakes! Amsterdam, but what about the food? I think the fact that we decided partway through our pancakes that we would just go to Brugge a little later the following day and try to come back when they opened for brunch speaks for itself.

We started out with some drinks - appelsap (apple juice) for me and orange juice for A.

I liked the little bottle of apple juice. A really liked his orange juice because it was fresh squeezed. I agree - it was good.

For pancakes, they have a long list of options. You can get a regular Dutch pancake and add in whichever toppings you choose - from bacon to apples to ham to ginger to camembert cheese, and many more. The menu also has some pre-arranged combinations, which we decided to do, since they were probably "proven" combinations. At the time we were there, they also had Korean pajun options, American pancakes with maple syrup and a French pie option. But if we're going to eat pancakes in Amsterdam, we were definitely going to eat pancakes the Dutch way!

On the table, they advertised a special:

A decided to get the special. Eggplant, mushrooms, tomato tapenade? What's not to like?

Here's A with his pancake:

And a closer look at the pancake itself:

This was really, really good. As I mentioned, we decided while eating our pancakes that we wanted to come back the next day, so they had to be good. This also just missed the cut to be in A's top 10 food memories of 2010. A liked the tomato tapenade because it was sweet and tangy at the same time, and probably his favorite part. The eggplant was also perfectly cooked for the pancake - a bit of crispness to pair with the chewiness of the pancake itself. The mixed textures within the pancake paired well.

I ordered off the menu and got the veggie pancake. This may look familiar because I've written about it before.

And a closer look at the veggie pancake, which came with mushrooms, spinach, onions, tomatoes and pine nuts:

I liked this pancake enough to put it in my top food memories of 2010, so clearly, I really liked it. I loved the combination of pancake and vegetables. Savory pancakes are awesome.

The pancakes look huge but they're really not that overwhelming. The pancake may be big but it's also really thin, and it's loaded with whatever toppings you choose to add. I actually like Dutch pancakes better than the big fluffy American pancakes, but maybe that's because they're also really into savory pancakes, and I choose savory over sweet. We highly recommend going to a pancake house if you're in Amsterdam. They're perfect for brunch, lunch, dinner or snack. Everyone loves pancakes!

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