Monday, April 4, 2011

Pancakes! Amsterdam

It's been awhile but back to our Holland recaps! Hopefully we will finish the recaps for this trip before we go on our next big trip! This post has been a long time coming.

Holland is known for their pancakes. There are poffertjes, the mini pancakes, but also the bigger Dutch pancakes. They're different from the pancakes we have in the States because they're thinner and often have more savory toppings (although you can get sweet ones too). There are restaurants in Holland that are entirely devoted to pancakes. Not surprisingly, one of our "must do" things in Holland was to go to a pancake house.

Pancakes! Amsterdam was recommended (don't remember who recommended it) for an excellent pancake experience and we headed over for lunch. They close on the early side (to us) for dinner so we hadn't made it until our next to last day in Amsterdam.

The restaurant is really cute and located on a small street. We loved the design. It was basically like being in someone's house with the size of the restaurant and its layout.

We sat on the upper level, which was a small room overlooking the ground level. We were able to watch them making drinks and other items, and bringing the pancakes up from the lower level where they were made.

Here we are, waiting for our pancakes. If you look closely, you can see A at the top of the stairs. I was anxious the entire time that he was too close to the top of the stairs and would fall down, but he's less of a klutz than I am. If you look behind me, you can see some of the room.

Considering I love the grocery store, I obviously loved looking at all the bottles and accompaniments on the table. There were different types of sugars and syrups.

We also loved the designs on the tables, all about pancakes and making pancakes. We also loved that they had free postcards! While waiting for our pancakes, I wrote out some postcards. Dutch efficiency!

Another shot of the table design with the colored pencils they gave to use on the postcards:

It's clear we are giving Pancakes! Amsterdam a glowing review. We loved it there and I haven't even written about the pancakes yet! It was a cozy little spot, very casual, very relaxed and the service was great. Next up - the pancakes!

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