Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Usual

Do you always order the same thing when you go to a particular place to eat?
I usually don't (except for my C1 sandwich at Lenny's) and like to try different things.  Sure, I have my favorites or my preferred items, but I also like trying new things.
I seem to have settled into a "usual" order at Wendy's these days.  Ever since they introduced the pick 2, I've been doing a half salad plus something else.  The first time I tried the baja salad with the chicken wrap, but lately every time I've gone to Wendy's I've gotten the order in the picture.  Half spicy chicken caesar salad + chili + 5 piece nuggets (the nuggets are not part of the pick 2).  They have other stuff but I keep ordering the same thing (except for the day I wasn't that hungry and just got nuggets and chili).
Of course, if they were to bring back the wild mountain chicken sandwich, that would change (hint hint HINT). Or the southwest chicken caesar salad.  My two favorite things EVER at Wendy's.  I'm not sure I can hint anymore how much I want them back. I talk about it all the time.
Maybe next time I'll get something different.  Or not...

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