Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Falafel Curry?

Even with all of the lunch choices in my work area, I still seem to always go back to the same few places. It's not that I don't like variety, but I just find that having reliable, good lunch spots is really nice. If I'm busy I can just run out and grab something that I know will be filling and taste really good. This brings me back to Roll and Go. I wrote about them once back in November near when they opened. So far to this point I'd only ever tried their chicken shwarma wrap.

One day while walking past the restaurant with M we saw a sign for their special falafel curry. Now, I like curry of all persuasions. Thai, Indian, Japanese, it doesn't matter. I just like curry, and curry over rice is the best. I was definitely intrigued by this offering. From the picture it looked like it was curry over rice with falafel balls on top. Seemed simple enough, and I figured the next time I went I would try it out. Next time happened to be last Friday (4/8).

Falafel piled on rice and curry

Along with the 7 falafel balls, the dish also comes with some of their grilled/seasoned cauliflower and topped with sliced green peppers and scallions.

Better view of the curry

Overall I was disappointed with this meal. The curry itself did not have much flavor, and had I not seen the person adding the cauliflower, I wouldn't have known it was there. The falafel was okay. It had a nice crispness to the outside, but again, the flavor wasn't all there. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by having a Maoz and a Crisp so close by as well. I find that they have excellent falafel at those two places. Still, the scallions added nice flavor, and the green peppers put a nice, fresh crispness to the dish. Still, I think from now on I'll stick to the chicken shwarma wraps until I give the fresh made sushi a shot.

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