Tuesday, December 20, 2011

45th Street South Side (5-6 Ave)

I started the block by block challenge the first time over a year ago (never finished) and I am proud to announce that I have finally finished my first block! It's a much harder task than you would imagine, considering all the specials and free lunches, the sheer number of places there are to try in midtown, and that I like to walk during lunch. But, a month and a half after I started this block, I am done!

So, let's take a walk down the south side of 45th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

First, I tried the spicy chicken at Cafe 45 and thought it was just OK.

Next up, Ambrosia. I'm glad that they have recently stepped up their signage as the best Korean food in the area because their Korean counter is better than Cafe 45 and their Korean-style chicken fried rice is delicious.

The next place, Point Break, I skipped because it's more of a sit-down place and too expensive for lunch. It was also so expensive that I couldn't rationalize ordering it for dinner. I think getting tacos was close to $20. They have a cute snowman though.

Freefoods was also too expensive for my lunch budget (at least, if I don't want to be hungry an hour later), so I ordered it for dinner and had some nice healthy organic food.

I had no idea what I wanted at Milk n' Honey so I got an onion bagel and was quite happy with my choice.

I went back to Karam II (the former Bread and Olive), ordered my usual small vegetable combo, and delighted in the garlicky goodness.

I skipped the next place, a French brasserie called Gaby, because that's way out of my price range and I don't even think they do takeout. I've been there once on a work lunch. I have no memories of what I ordered but thought it was fine.

I loved the character of Park Italian Gourmet, got a tasty sandwich and pondered what to get next.

The brand new Pret a Manger opened today and was my last stop. I went for my usual holiday sandwich and it was fantastic.

Pret will not be the last eatery on the block. The new BLT is opening soon but I consider this block done now because there is no way BLT (or the lounge) will fit into the lunch price range anyway.

And that's the block! It's crazy to me how these places are so close but many of them I've walked by hundreds of times and just never gone in. I love how the block by block challenge gets me to try new places. I think I shall do the other side of the street next!

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