Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shrimp on the Barbie

The first stop on our second food trip around the lagoon was the Australia kiosk, which was quite busy. It was Saturday afternoon, the world showcase was packed and we had resigned ourselves to standing in line wherever we went. Australia's menu looked good so we decided to stop there.

The kiosk on Monday. On Saturday, we couldn't really see what the kiosk looked like.

Looking at the menu, M's guess before eating was that her favorite would be the shrimp. A thought his favorite might be the lamb chop. Would the food live up to our expectations?

First, shrimp on the barbie with pepper berry citrus glaze ($4.50):

M thought the barbecued shrimp were good, but they were really just grilled shrimp in a good sauce. They were nice bite-size pieces. M wouldn't be opposed to having this again, although it was almost $1 per shrimp and they were not jumbo shrimp. A thought the shrimp were good as well, but they were a bit small. The sauce was a little sweet, a little spicy, and with just the right saltiness. Overall a solid sampling.

Second, grilled lamb chop with potato-goat cheese salad and shiraz reduction ($5.75):

M didn't really like the lamb chop, but only had a bite since she's not really a big fan of lamb chops in general. However, she thought the potato and goat cheese salad was really good. The lamp chop was flavored well, but it was overcooked. A prefers his lamb chops more towards rare, and these were more medium well. The salad was very tasty, though. It was the best part of the dish and an excellent addition.

Dessert was last - Lamington cake ($3):

Lamington cake is a signature Australian cake consisting of sponge cake (in this case, yellow cake) covered in chocolate and coconut. M really liked this dessert, but she's a big fan of desserts that mix chocolate and coconut. From the chocolate desserts, this might be her favorite. A thought the cake was very moist and chocolaty. The coconut was a great addition as well, and it was a dish that we both would have liked to have gotten again.

We've always wanted to go to Australia so we were looking forward to this kiosk. Generally, the food was pretty good here, but our guess is that the conditions and speed at which they needed to get the food out made the meat a little less than perfect, but the flavors were good, and hopefully we can go compare for real some time.

Favorite dishes from the Australia kiosk:
A: Lamington cake
M: Lamington cake (followed by the potato-goat cheese salad)

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