Monday, October 31, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Coconut

I saved the chocolate dipped coconut Luna bar for last. I hoped that it would be my favorite since I love the combination of chocolate and coconut (mmm, Mounds bars).

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The bar certainly looked different from the others - instead of just one layer of "icing" on the bottom, this one had a chocolate layer on the bottom and what looked like a coconut layer on top with a chocolate swirl.

It was really good. The chocolate-coconut flavor combination wasn't as strong as a Mounds bar, since it wasn't stuffed with real coconut, but the bar was soft and chewy like a candy bar would be. Definitely the winner of this Luna bar experiment. It's going to be difficult to try some of the other varieties after having this one. It's a new flavor according to the package and definitely a keeper!

My rankings, through bar 6:
1. Chocolate dipped coconut
2. Toasted nuts 'n cranberry
3. Blueberry bliss
4. S'mores
5. White chocolate macadamia
6. Vanilla almond

Out of Luna bars for now, so I guess I will turn to the kids Clif bars or Fiber One bars or brownies. Happy breakfasting!

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