Monday, October 24, 2011

Apfelstrudel Shake

As part of Shake Shack's Shacktoberfest they offered a special shake this year. M and I make it a point to try all of their special offerings because we love Shake Shack and Germany.

The shake is meant to emulate the flavor of a German apple streudel, but without actual streudel mixed in I thought it fell a bit short. You could definitely taste the apples that were mixed in, but that was about it. Since it was a shake, they couldn't really mix in any streussel, but they tried to add cinnamon and sugar to the mix. Those were drowned out by the vanilla flavor of the shake and also the apple.

In the end it was tasty since it was full of apple flavor, but as an Apfelstrudel it was very disappointing. Perhaps next time they could recreate it as a concrete to add in the missing elements. That may work out better.

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