Thursday, October 27, 2011

Priceless Taco Feast

Today was the first of Mastercard's series of food truck feasts as part of its Priceless promotion. If you follow them on facebook or tweet with the #PricelessNY hashtag on twitter, you can get free lunch from a food truck!

The rules

In midtown today, both the Kimchi Taco truck and the Gorilla Cheese truck were participating in the free food extravaganza. Since I'm still sick, grilled cheese wasn't the best idea, but tacos definitely sounded good. I braved the cold (40s!) pouring rain to get to the truck for my free tacos and it was definitely worth it.

Rainy and freezing

As part of the promotion, you got 2 tacos. I picked beef (since I hadn't been able to try it before - sold out last time) and chicken.

Free tacos! Beef on the left, chicken on the right

It looks like the taco toppings have changed a little since my first visit and I think I liked them better this time. The tacos were delicious. I could definitely have gone for some more!

Usually the taco platter comes with 3 tacos so I knew this wouldn't be enough for a complete lunch. I topped it off with a cup of chili from Wendy's (nice on a cold dreary day). Thanks to Mastercard, I spent less than $2 on lunch which made me very happy. They're doing this every Thursday for the next few weeks (sadly I can't go next week) and I can't wait to see which other trucks participate!

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