Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sam's Falafel

Another nominee for the Vendy Cup was Sam's Falafel, which is usually located in the Financial District. I think that, during the short time I worked downtown, I went there for lunch once but it's been years and I can't remember for sure. I definitely went to a falafel place located in the park where Sam's is located, and it was the one with the long line, so I think that was it.

At the Vendy's, they were offering a large platter of food:

But when we dropped by, they were preparing their platters for the judges:

We were already getting pretty full by the time we got to Sam's cart, so instead we focused on the sample falafel balls on the table:

And tried out the falafel covered in tahini:

It was good. We were getting falafel-ed out because we were so full, so I don't think we would rank this as high as Taim, which we had eaten earlier at the event. I would have been interested in trying the rest of the platter or tasting the falafel in combination with things other than tahini, but we just lacked the stomach space or time. I can't imagine doing a falafel taste test to find the best falafel. I think you would get so incredibly full!

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