Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee and Donuts

The September 2011 Friday Shake Shack flavor is Coffee & Donuts. The flavor itself is straightforward. It is coffee flavored custard with Doughnut Plant donuts broken up and mixed in. M and I both knew this would be more my thing because she doesn't like coffee.

The custard itself wasn't bad. M and I both agree that the custard was very coffee flavored. The donuts were much more understated than they are in the Jelly's Last Donut concrete that they offer as well. It was almost as if the donuts themselves were made with less flavor. Still, the coffee custard was very tasty to me. It tasted like a really good, smooth, creamy frozen coffee drink.

A's rank: 7/10
M's rank: 4.5/10

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