Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tomato and Basil Hummus

Continuing our journey through the Trader Joe's hummus department, next we tried the tomato and basil hummus dip ($1.99). The main ingredients here were pretty much exactly what you would expect from a tomato and basil hummus - tomatoes, garbanzos, onions, basil.

M's review:
I didn't find this hummus very flavorful at all. It was creamy like hummus should be, but the tomato flavor was pretty subdued and I didn't taste any basil at all. Making it tomato and basil flavored didn't improve on a basic hummus at all, and I would have rather had plain hummus than this one.
Buy Again? It's a no for me.

A's review:
I really like hummus. It's creamy, it's garlicky, and it has a nice, subtle nuttiness to it. This hummus had almost none of that. By adding in the tomato and basil flavor it lost all of the garlicky, nutty flavor, and the tomato and basil weren't even that heavy. It had very little tomato tartness, and it had absolutely no discernible basil flavor. It also came out a touch grainy so that was also disappointing.
Buy Again? I wouldn't get this again.

TJ's Hummus Rankings
Spicy hummus dip > Roasted garlic hummus > Beet hummus > Tomato and basil hummus

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