Sunday, March 29, 2015

Milano's Cousin

On a recent visit to Trader Joe's, we spotted these crispy cookies filled with Belgian chocolate ($2.79). We thought they looked interesting and the Belgian chocolate at Trader Joe's is usually pretty good, so we figured we'd try them. After taking a closer look, we realized they were basically the TJ's version of Milano cookies. A is a big fan of Milanos, so they had a tough bar to surpass.

M's thoughts: I've only had Milano cookies a couple of times. I don't feel very strongly about them either way. The TJ's version was just okay in my opinion. For me, the best part was the chocolate filling. It was rich and full of chocolate flavor and had a bit of a creamy texture. I really liked the filling but I did not like the cookie part very much. It felt dry to me and it was on the crunchy side, but it also just didn't have much flavor on its own. The cookies in the cookie butter sandwich cookies were much better, in my opinion, and I didn't even love those on their own. Overall for me, these were okay and the price seemed fair, but I don't need to have them again.
Buy Again? Probably not for me. If they took that chocolate filling and put it between different cookies, then maybe I'd go for that.

A's thoughts: I really liked these. As mentioned above, I like Milano cookies. The cookies aren't quite as soft as regular Milanos, but the chocolate is on a completely different level. The Belgian chocolate is much richer and has a much better quality of flavor. As for the cookies, even though they aren't as soft, they're still plenty soft enough to melt under gentle pressure. It's a great cookie, and I loved eating them.
Buy Again? Assuming the price is comparable or better than regular Milanos then of course.

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