Friday, March 20, 2015

Macaron Mania

In honor of today being Macaron Day, here's a post about macarons that was pretty much written in May 2014. We were supposed to look up the price of the box and then proof and post, but that clearly never happened. Since we have no idea if the price of the macaron variety pack (which we still do see occasionally at the store) is still the same, we might as well post this before another year goes by. There will be a post on the actual Macaron Day crawl soon, now that we have actually tried all of the macarons M picked up, but for now, here's some other macarons. Happy Macaron Day!

We love macarons. The only frozen macarons at our local Trader Joe's for the longest time were packs of chocolate and vanilla ones (and occasionally seasonal ones), but on Instagram, M kept seeing a box of 6 different flavors pop up. This one didn't show up in the store for a while for us, but once we saw it, we knew we had to try it.

The six flavors were fig, lemon, apricot, coconut, pistachio, and salted caramel. Before trying them, M thought her favorite would be coconut or apricot, and A thought his would be pistachio or apricot. Although our rankings after eating them weren't exactly the same, we both agreed that pistachio was by far the best, followed by the coconut and lemon macarons, with the bottom half of the table being apricot, salted caramel, and fig. 

To quickly sum up our thoughts on the flavors:
  • The pistachio (the green one) had a good nutty flavor and was really creamy. 
  • The coconut one reminded M of their coconut oil, if you were to eat it right out of the jar. It was very rich and very full of coconut flavor. 
  • The lemon was refreshing and tart, but still sweet. 
  • The apricot was also sweet, but for M it seemed a little too artificially sweet and kind of like a jelly bean flavor. 
  • The salted caramel had a good caramel flavor, but wasn't one of our favorites. 
  • The fig had a pretty color (it was the pink one) but it sadly didn't have very much flavor at all, and didn't taste much like fig or a fig newton.

Considering that these macarons started out frozen, they were actually pretty good as far as texture. All we did was defrost them for a bit before eating them. The cookie part was really soft and delicate despite being frozen for so long. If we hadn't actually known where they came from, we weren't sure we could tell them apart from a macaron you could buy fresh from a patisserie. They're probably not the best macarons in the world, but they were surprisingly good for something that came out of the freezer.

Buy Again? Maybe. It wasn't a cheap treat, but it was a pretty good price for macarons. If they came out with a box of pistachio macarons, we would definitely consider it.

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