Monday, March 2, 2015


We love Trader Joe's samples. They're not always perfect, as we mentioned in the post about the crispy green curry shrimp gyoza (which are awesome - without the sampled dipping sauce - if you didn't read the post yet), but usually they're great for helping us decide if we want to try something new. On our latest visit, they were sampling these all butter shortbread cookies with apricot or raspberry filling ($4.49 for a tub). Basically, thumbprint cookies with apricot and raspberry jam.

I love thumbprint cookies, probably more than A, so I was pretty excited when I saw they were sampling these. We each tried one of each type. A thought they were too buttery. He normally likes thumbprint cookies, but the predominant flavor to him was butter. I was okay with them because I've never had a thumbprint cookie that wasn't really buttery. The jam was very good, very naturally sweet. Not sure which one was our favorite between the 2.

Although I did like the cookies, we didn't buy the tub for a few reasons. One, A didn't really like them and thought they had too much butter. Second, we don't need more cookies. We still have Christmas cookies to eat. Third, they're not very healthy at all (lots of butter), the tub is large, and we would have to eat them in a short period of time to make sure they didn't go bad, magnifying the unhealthiness. Maybe if we're having or going to a party or something, we'll pick up a box, but this isn't really something we'll keep at home. If you do like super buttery thumbprint cookies, these are for you!

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