Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lockhart Link

For one week only during SXSW, Shake Shack offered a burger that will only be available at their Austin, TX branch once it opens. The Lockhart Link was a standard Shackburger topped with a griddled Kreuz Market jalapeño cheese sausage link, ShackSauce, and pickles. It was had for the reasonable price of $7.49 and was only at the Midtown East branch. M met A for lunch on the Friday it was being offered since the branch was closer to his office. We both got one since it sounded so good, and we didn't want to get just one and like it so much that we had buyer's remorse for not starting with two.

Kreuz Market is a very famous Texas BBQ joint, and they make great sausages. We've had them before as they also supply the sausages to Hill Country, and that's one of M's favorite things to get from the meat counter there. They're ultra juicy, and in this one, the jalapeño added a nice kick. Placed on top of one of Shake Shack's burgers, this was a revelation. The juicy, spicy sausage was paired up with the perfectly cooked cheeseburger and then finished with pickles, Shack sauce, and the buttered bun to create an amazing array of flavors. We never would have thought to pair the sausage with the burger before, but the flavor combination was perfect. The snap of the sausage skin and crunch of the pickles also gave the burger extra texture as well.

This was a really delicious burger, and we're both really disappointed that it was just a limited time offer here in NYC. We don't often go to Shake Shack when we travel because we can get most of their offerings here in the city already, but we may have to consider heading there in Austin for another one of these.

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