Monday, April 6, 2015

April 2015 Custard Calendar

We hadn't posted anything yet this month, not even our usual custard calendar post, which means the first week of the custard calendar is already over! Maybe we were distracted by spring finally arriving. Maybe it's because we weren't that enthusiastic about the month's calendar. Maybe we were just tired. Who knows, but here's the calendar.

The April line-up is:

Week 1 (April 1-5) - malted marshmallow peanut butter (did not try)
Week 2 (April 6-12) - buttery brown sugar (new to us)
Week 3 (April 13-19) - pineapple upside down (new to us (but not SS))
Week 4 (April 20-26) - caramel pretzel (7.5/10)
Week 5 (April 27-30) - oatmeal creme pie (6.25/10)

We may not head over for any custard this month (unless we decide to go for pineapple upside down, but we didn't love pineapple brown sugar), but hopefully May will have some great flavors!

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