Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Charleston Crab

I tried the Charleston Crab soup from Hale and Hearty last week, but unfortunately haven't been able to get around to writing about it until now. The funny thing is that today, of all days, is a day that they're offering it again. Odd how that all works out. The soup is described as "A cross between a chowder and a bisque. Rich and creamy, sweetened with blue crab and sherry, you'll understand why Charleston is famous for it."

My first impression of the soup was when I lifted the lid. I was immediately hit with the scents from the sweetness of the cream and a mild alcohol hit from the sherry. What I did see/taste in my initial spoonfuls was celery, potato, and loads of real crab meat. I'm pretty sure I also saw onion and leek mixed in as well, but that could very easily have been more pieces of celery and scallion. The soup itself is very rich and very comforting. There's a bit of a spice kick to it, but with all of the flavors going on, the crab itself, which should be the star, gets a little lost.

Overall this is a very good soup to have on really cold days. It's thick and rich, and it's that richness that helps the warmth of the soup seep into your bones. I'm not sure I like this more than their chowders or bisque separately, but it's a tasty soup at the end of the day.

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