Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Curried Chickpea and Potato

So I've been following the development of the Rhong-Tiam near my office for a bit now, and I've been anxiously awaiting its opening. I'd heard good things about the food truck as well as their other location so I was eager to try this out. They don't have anything that they label as a lunch special, but they have things called rice bowls that come with a salad and half a hard-boiled egg so that seems like a rather close approximation. I opted for the Curried Chickpea and Potato rice bowl.

First things first, the egg is an egg. It's a tasty egg, but it's still just an egg. I like eggs, though, so I did like that they gave one. There are hints of seasoning on the egg, but I'm not sure if that's just the other food in the dish that are adding that. In the end, I did enjoy eating the egg.

The salad was shaved carrots on top of iceberg lettuce. The carrot ginger dressing reminded me a lot of the dressing on the salad from Sachi, and since Chef Andy Yang is behind both it's not that surprising. Like Sachi, this dressing was a bit creamy for a carrot ginger dressing, and it also didn't have a heavy ginger flavor to it. It was tasty, though, due to the sweetness of the carrot. The iceberg lettuce was pretty bland and pointless, but it's just iceberg lettuce.

The entree of the curried chickpea and potato was really tasty. It tasted a lot like Massaman curry, and the soft potato and mashed up chickpeas were extremely flavorful. There were also chopped up onion and carrot to round out the dish, and everything just tasted of the delicious curry flavoring. There was a wonderful curry spice to the dish, and there also wasn't a ton of heat as well. The dish is full of amazing flavors.

Overall this is a very solid lunch. The flavors are incredibly robust, and the egg is a really nice touch. I do wish the salad was in a separate container as the flavors of the dressing don't really mesh well with the flavor of the curry. Because of the healthy, fresh ingredients, this is on the slightly more expensive side of Thai restaurants in the area, but it's still a good amount of food. I'd like to try some of their noodle dishes, but that will come with time.

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