Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hunan Style Chow Mein

Today I opted for something a little different from Hunan Manor. Instead of one of their many lunch special options, I opted for some noodles. At right around the same price point I chose the Chow Mein, Hunan Style. From appearances I wasn't sure what made this "Hunan Style" as the dish itself looked very similar to most other chow mein orders I've seen from other places.

The menu notes that the noodles are "hot and spicy", but I got nothing of that. It's not a bad thing, but I was a bit confused about the description. Regardless, this was a really nice dish. The noodles were mixed with napa cabbage, scallion, carrot, onion, green chili, red pepper, dried bean curd, and pork. There was also a piece of chicken, but it was the only one so I think that might have fallen in by accident. The dish wasn't an explosion of flavor, and it certainly wasn't hot and spicy.

It was a really nice, solid bowl of noodles, though. The noodles had a hint of salt to them, but that was it. It allowed the flavors of the other ingredients to shine. The red peppers were nice and sweet, there was a subtle heat from the green chili, and the pork added richness to the dish. The dish was simple, but it was tasty. It had great, fresh flavors, and it was also a massive pile of noodles. I think maybe it could have used a touch more salt and maybe some white pepper, but I'd certainly consider getting this again.

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