Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mast Brothers Chocolate Mint

We've never had Mast Brothers chocolate before, but we've heard of them and we know they're based out of Brooklyn. (They've also been in the news lately because other chocolatiers seem to think they're too hipster and the chocolate isn't that great, but we don't really have an opinion on that.) We were interested to see how this custard would match up with other chocolate mint custards and ice creams we'd had before, so we definitely wanted to try it.

M's thoughts:
This custard had the pretty tough task of following up on chocolate hazelnut and for me, it didn't really come close. One of the reasons why chocolate hazelnut is my favorite Shake Shack custard flavor is because it's such a rich, vibrant, and deep flavor, and no matter how much I eat it, I still want more. That is admittedly a high bar to reach, but I just didn't like this one that much. The chocolate flavor tasted pretty natural, on the bitter side like real chocolate is, but the mint part wasn't really that minty. Although I'm glad we tried it, I don't need to get it again.

A's thoughts:
I was excited about this flavor since chocolate and mint go very well together, and Shake Shack has always seemed to do well with chocolate-based flavors. In the end, this was really disappointing. The chocolate was very muted, especially in comparison to the chocolate hazelnut that was there the previous week. It was more "pure" chocolate so it had a slightly bitter taste to it, but the mint was nearly nonexistent so it didn't do anything to temper the bitterness. I don't know if that's what the Mast Brothers chocolate is supposed to taste like, but it makes me not want to get a bar. I wouldn't get this again if it was offered unless they made note of a reformulated taste.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Mint
A's rating: 5/10
M's rating: 6/10

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