Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lemon Chevre and Spring Asparagus

Last week, as promised, I went back to Hale and Hearty to retry Chef Daniel Boulud's Curried Cream of Cauliflower and Apple soup when I got healthier. I went back and tried it, but I didn't note that much new. I did get heavier hints of each flavor, and there was a little more sweetness from the cream, but overall I seemed to get most flavors the first time.

This post is all about the sandwich I tried, though. My guess is that it's the March monthly sandwich, but I can only hope that the Lemon Chevre and Spring Asparagus is a constant Spring time offering. It's described as "Asparagus, baby spinach, tomato, and a blend of goat cheese and our signature Lemon Vinaigrette."

Wow, this is a really light and refreshing sandwich despite the chevre. The asparagus, tomato, and spinach are all really bright and fresh. The asparagus is crisp and delicious. The chevre adds an element of creaminess, and the lemon vinaigrette mixed in adds a bright citrus note and acidity. This sandwich is like a trumpet heralding the coming of Spring and its delicious bounty of fresh vegetables. I will definitely get this sandwich again.

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