Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

Trader Joe's is practically synonymous with cookie butter. There was a run on cookie butter when it was first introduced that led to a long period of time when it was gone. Once it returned, some stores even put a 2 jar limit on the stuff (not ours, but we've seen it out on the West Coast). Now there are a bunch of varieties of cookie butter - the regular smoothy and creamy kind, crunchy, mixed with chocolate, cookies and cream, even cookie butter ice cream. Last month sometime, M was scanning Instagram looking at Trader Joe's pictures (as always) and saw these cookie butter sandwich cookies. We knew we had to have them, and the rave reviews we read between that time and our next store visit only confirmed that.

The cookie butter sandwich cookies are about 2 inches in diameter, and consist of 2 butter shortbread cookies with creamy cookie butter spread between them. M wasn't a huge fan of the shortbread part on its own, but together with the cookie butter, she thought these formed a perfect sandwich. A really liked the combination as well, but he also liked the cookie portion more than M.

Each box comes with 18 cookies inside, and each sandwich has a good amount of cookie butter in between the shortbread cookies. Because they're so rich (in a good way), M found it difficult to eat more than 2 in a sitting without feeling overloaded (probably a good thing, since each cookie is 90 calories). They make for a really great dessert though.

Buy Again? Yes! We hope Trader Joe's never gets rid of these. They're such wonderful treats.

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