Thursday, February 19, 2015

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

So I tried Mayhem and Stout once before, and I liked the sandwich I ate. I had read a couple reviews talking about how great their buffalo mac and cheese was so I decided I'd try that as well. This menu item is a bowl of mac and cheese with pulled chicken on top covered in a blue cheese aioli and also a buffalo hot sauce.

In my opinion, this was just okay. It wasn't the Earth shattering dish that these people had talked about. Perhaps I was over hyped, but at the end of the day I was't all that impressed. The mac and cheese was fine. The pasta had a nice bite to it, and the cheese tasted great. The buffalo chicken portion was really what let it down. Maybe it was how the chicken was stored prior to use, but it was really watery, and it made the entire bowl watery. The blue cheese aioli was very mild in flavor, and the buffalo sauce had absolutely no heat to it.

Overall I was disappointed. I think moving forward I'll just stick to the sandwiches.

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