Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Even More Windjammer

Day 3 on the Quantum was another day at sea. We were in the Atlantic Ocean at this point, far from any coastlines, and you could definitely feel all the movement on the ship. We were feeling a little bit off, as the moving and rocking in our cabin was worse than any other cruise we had ever been on, and we got up to breakfast even later than the previous day, so once again, the only available option was the Windjammer. We were there so late that they started closing off sections of the buffet to prepare it for the lunch rush while we were still eating.

My buffet plate overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

We were excited to see what new things would be in store for us at the Windjammer breakfast, especially the Asian items, but were a bit disappointed when we saw that almost the entire breakfast spread was exactly the same as the day before. Some of the items that made repeat appearances on our buffet plates were the scrambled eggs with shrimp, the Indian spiced eggs, the Asian-style pan-fried fish, fried rice (which looked a little different from the previous day, but didn't taste any better), sauteed spinach, corned beef hash, pork sausages, and hash brown triangles.

A's breakfast plate

One of the new items that popped up in the Asian section was a smoked mackerel that was pretty good. Near the sauteed spinach, we also spotted some sauteed mushrooms, which were tasty, but sauteed mushrooms are fairly difficult to screw up. But that's all we really found that was new. Even the stuff we didn't usually pick at breakfast buffets all looked the same as the day before. We had been hoping for more variety but we didn't get it.

Some of our favorite Quantum art

We stayed at the Windjammer a little longer for breakfast this time. We were seated in the back section which was much less crowded since people had left (or were sitting in the front for a shorter walk to the food), and it was actually kind of pleasant. It also gave us the opportunity to admire the art in that section of the room in peace, and it was some of our favorite art on the ship. They were works by Alberto Seveso (some of our favorites in the photo above) and we were glad to have the opportunity to appreciate them while people weren't rushing around with coffee and bacon.

Once we finally got up, we were still feeling the effects of the ocean movement (it was a pretty breezy day) so we wandered the ship a little bit until we got to the lower decks and rested outside for a while in the calming fresh ocean air. We knew we'd see the Windjammer soon for lunch!

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