Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wasabi Mayonnaise

Earlier this year, I was reading some list of the most popular or highest rated Trader Joe's products, and while we had tried a lot of the ones listed, there was one that stood out that we had never tried - the wasabi mayonnaise ($3.29). If people loved the wasabi mayo that much, then we needed to try it! I picked one up on the very next visit to TJ's.

It's no wonder it's so popular. This wasabi mayonnaise is great. It's definitely got a kick to it from the horseradish and the wasabi (it has both in it). So far all we've done with it (many times) is combine a big spoonful of it with a can of tuna to make a zesty tuna salad (which then doesn't need anything else mixed in), but there must be other uses for it too. If you like wasabi mayonnaise, what else do you do with it?

Buy Again? Absolutely. Even if we don't do anything else with it besides make tuna salad, the answer is still yes!

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