Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Better Windjammer Lunch

Before we left the Windjammer at breakfast, we wandered around the lunch offerings to see what they had to offer. We weren't really hungry enough to start eating lunch, but at least we could find out what they had to see if we wanted to go back later or eat somewhere else. Most of what was out at that point was the Asian food, which was perfectly fine for us since we love Asian food (and figured the chefs might do better with that anyway, since many of them are from South and Southeast Asia).

We saw biryani, which looked pretty good, as well as an array of Asian vegetable salads, which would be great for counterbalancing all the unhealthy food on board. We spied a chickpea salad, a green bean salad, and other mixed vegetable salads and dishes. We were pretty sure we would return later once lunchtime rolled around for us and we had freed up some stomach space.

A couple of hours later, after resting outside in the ocean air and watching a short DreamWorks performance in the esplanade (they do these mini-shows and this one was a fun one about Kung Fu Panda), we headed back up to the Windjammer for lunch. Of course, we forgot to take a photo of A's plate, but we tried a lot of the same things.

There was biryani, butter chicken, chana chaat (the chickpea salad), and an Asian pesto salad on the plate. I also picked up a carrot raisin salad, ratatouille, chicken shawarma, and a couple of other salads. Most of the food ranged from "just fine" to "pretty good," and the quality seemed to be better than our Windjammer lunch on the first day. Maybe it's because we concentrated more on the Asian food, maybe not. If I remember correctly, my favorite part was the chana chaat, which is completely unsurprising given my love for chickpeas and chickpea salads.

For dessert, I picked up another coconut cookie (my favorite of the cookie varieties), as well as a few desserts from the light and sweet section (supposedly healthier desserts). From there, I got a coconut macaroon (okay, but not great), a vanilla and blueberry roulade (pretty terrible), and a light chocolate chocolate chip loaf (very good and good enough to take extras back to the cabin for snacks).

This is probably a good point to mention that this was the last day I ate cookies from the Windjammer's freshly made cookie bakery. There was nothing wrong with the cookies, other than being a little too crispy for my preference, but I was starting to feel like I had eaten way too many cookies since we would pick them up every time we walked by the bakery. With all the butter and not really healthy stuff in the cookies, they were starting to take their toll. I could feel myself dragging and feel how heavy the cookies were, and I just knew that I would feel so much better if I stopped eating them. So even though the freshly baked cookies were something I was really looking forward to before the cruise, I cut them out cold turkey after day 3 (ironically, day 4, the day I stopped eating the cookies was National Cookie Day). I felt so much better and cleaner inside once I stopped the cookies and I didn't regret it one bit. They weren't bringing me that much joy anyway, as they weren't the soft and chewy cookies I loved, so why would I keep eating something that I only sort of liked?

I honestly have no idea what we did between going to the Windjammer for lunch and our dinner later that night, and it's only been 2 months since we were on the Quantum. (Got to pick up the pace on these recaps!) I guess a lot of the sea days started to blend together. We have no photos of anything other than a soccer match on TV at a bar, so I'm guessing we rested, watched some soccer, and maybe took naps (especially since A wasn't feeling great with the ocean movement). At least our Windjammer lunch this time was much more satisfying than the first time!

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