Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chicken and Cheese Tamales

Product name: Chicken and cheese tamales

Price: $2.49 for 2 tamales

Quick review: Similar to the sweet corn tamales I reviewed before, these chicken and cheese tamales came in a package of two in the frozen section. One difference I did notice between the two was that the instructions on the package this time didn't require wet paper towels or plastic wrap to microwave them anymore, which was a welcome change. So much more convenient, but I don't know if it's a change TJ's made overall with the tamales or if it was just made to the chicken ones.

Back when we got the refrigerated chicken tamales, I mentioned that I couldn't remember how they compared to these frozen ones. They're pretty different. These frozen tamales were made with white meat chicken, corn, cheddar cheese, bell peppers, and seasonings, and didn't draw their flavor from a salsa verde base. Between the two, I probably liked the refrigerated ones more, partly because of the salsa verde flavor but also because the masa was softer. Not sure if TJ's makes a chicken and green chile frozen version too, but I guess I'll look next time. Although the refrigerated ones won for flavor and texture (and had a slight edge in price per tamale), the frozen ones were still pretty good, and they won as far as convenience (package of two versus six, and also lasts longer in the freezer).

Buy again? Yes, although I will probably try some of the other frozen tamales first so I can remember which ones I like better. Comparing these with the frozen sweet corn ones, both are good, but I prefer these.

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